Privacy Policy: Intent Summit 2022


This privacy policy and cookie statement describes how CyberArk will process personal data in connection with your use of CyberArk’s products or services, this website and other technical applications, tools or services, and how we use cookies and similar technologies. 

At CyberArk, we pride ourselves on being an organization that has a privacy-minded culture consistent with legal requirements. We will ensure that your personal data processed by CyberArk is: 

processed lawfully, fairly and transparently;
only collected for clear and legitimate purposes;
limited in scope and time to only the extent necessary fot the purpose of that processing;
kept accurate and up to date; and
secured against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.
References to “we”, “us” or “CyberArk” in this statement mean CyberArk Software Ltd, CyberArk Software, Inc., Cyber-Ark Software (UK) Limited or one or omre of their affiliated entities. Our contact details for these entities and their respective office locations can be found here. The CyberArk entity that will be responsible for processing your personal data will depend on how you use CyberArk services and your geographical location, but may include CyberArk’s headquarters in Israel, United States incorporated entity in Newton, MA, United Kingdom incorporated entity in London, and CyberArk Software (Singapore) PTE. LTD., as CyberArks’s principal places of business. However, where you are the employee of a customer or an end user of our Idaptive products, or have previously interacted with Idaptive, LLC, the section entitled “Where your personal data is processed by Idaptive” will apply. 

References to “you” or “your” mean the corporation or individual person (as appropriate in the circumstances) who has or may in the future enter into a relationship with CyberArk as a customer, vendor, authorized channel partner, employee, contractor or otherwise uses the CyberArk website or service. 

You can contact CyberArk at any time to request more information about the way we process personal data via by contacting We will respond to your request in the timescales prescribed by the relevant local laws. 

You should read this privacy policy in conjunction with the terms and conditions of this website, which are available here

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