The security summit for researchers / by researchers

It’s time to declare your intent.

December 18 • Tel Aviv

Registration opens soon. Share with us your research.

Researchers are coming from afar to capture our flag. So what’s your intent?

If you dare venture into our bunker, you’ll face challenges derived from a collective wonderland of security research wisdom. Maybe you’ll emerge from the swarms of security and malware researchers, taunting them with the flag they all covet so deeply. Or maybe you’ll take away only the lessons that are seared into your mind when you come up short.

Either way, you’ll test your digital skills against global peers and come away with knowledge only other researchers have to offer. And everyone will know your intent.

Join our colossal CTF to test and hone your skills

Declare your intent in an epic event put together by researchers, for researchers. We’ll throw relevant, thought-provoking challenges at you that will make this flag one worth fighting for. Join us if you think you can hack it.

CTF registration opens soon

2021 Sessions On Demand

Over 20 speakers helped make INTENT 2021 a momentous event, and their illuminating sessions are still available.

Agenda 2022 Coming Soon

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